Saturday, 28 March 2015

CAL Week 9 Crossed Double Trebles

Week 9 Rows 52-58

Row 52 (sea green)

Ch2, 1 htr in same stitch and across in every stitch to end

SPECIAL  STITCH    Crossed Double Treble Stitch - (crossed dbtr)(US Crossed tr)
yo twice, put hook in missed stitch from back to front, yo and pull through back to the front so there are 4 loops left on the hook, yo pull through 2, yo pull through 2, yo pull through last 2 loops. Check out my YOU TUBE TUTORIAL HERE

Row 53 ( turquoise)

Ch4 =1 dbtr , *miss 1 stitch, 1 dbtr in next stitch

1 Crossed dbtr in missed YO twice

Insert hook from BACK TO FRONT under missed stitch

YO and pull back through under that missed stitch

So 4 loops left on hook

Yo pull through 2 loops so 3 loops left

Yo pull through 2 loops so 2  loops left on hook

Yo pull though the last 2 loops so one loop left. 1 crossed DBTR worked.

 Repeat from * to end, 1 dbtr in last stitch

Row 54  ( pale blue)

Repeat Row 52 (Ch2, 1 htr in same place then 1htr in every stitch across to end)

Row 55 ( Blue)

Repeat Row 53 (crossed dbtrs)

Row 56 ( plum)

Repeat row 52 (htrs)

Row 57  ( pink)

Repeat row 53 again

Row 58  (sea green)

Repeat row 52

Happy Hooking!  X


  1. The htr rows after the crossed trebles make the trebles look much cleaner if you go between the trebles rather than into the top of the stitches...