Cardigan Calamity

Cardigan Calamity

Having treated myself to this gorgeous wool 

from the delicious Skein Queen last year at Unravel in Farnham (a Southern version of Yarndale)


I knew I had to find something worthy of its luxury...

So I trawled 

(gotta love that place) and settled on this beauty by Vicky Chan.

Having fallen in love with the pattern and the wool I got cracking and hooked it up in a couple of  weeks (I'm a speedy hooker...)

but  then promptly LOST IT in Reading town centre a week later. Imagine my frustration . I just hope that whoever found it is wearing it and enjoying it and that it hasn't ended up in landfill. 

Roll on one year and I found myself at Unravel 2014. So, seeing as it was near my Birthday I decided to go for it and replace the lost cardi. Skein Queen didn't let me down although it was hard to choose...I finally settled on some 4-ply lovelieness in pretty much the same colour as the last one. 

And.....Ta Dah! Cardi Number 2...

 Look at all those tulips and leaves... I love this pattern
 so  much I'm planning on doing another one in cream

I will NOT lose this one though...


  1. wow! You must've been gutted to lose the first one. So impressed that you made a second one - it's lovely.

  2. Well now I have 2...typically one week after I finished the 2nd one, the 1st one turned up behind the sofa....