Monday, 7 September 2015

The Barkham Hooker Poncho Kit

Wahhoo! My first published pattern has gone live and I'm  just a little bit excited...all seems a bit unreal to be honest but I'm loving every minute of it.
I designed this Poncho initially for a friend who was looking for something similar that she had bought from a shop. It was machine knitted and very fine but the shape was the important thing to her so I went about choosing a stitch which was tighter than the Granny stripe but looser than using just Double Crochet  throughout. I settled on the V-Stitch and came up with the basic shape quite quickly using some Aran. Having made one for her then one for a friend of hers I decided to write up the pattern as my first design for Artesano.

Then it all seemed to happen so incredibly fast...we did the photo shoot a few days later in a local field...the weather held out giving us enough light without bright sun or pouring rain...

It's not all about the glamour!

High-tech equipment all round!

...and we finished the shoot within an hour. The photographer then worked her magic and technical skills to produce the finished pattern booklet

 which is now available in the Poncho Kit on the web site. The kit comprises both patterns 
(Peter Pan and Cowl neck)

  as well as all the Luxurious Aran yarn needed in the colour of your choice. 

My next pattern is already written and will be live on the website in a week or's a sneak peek... (great for Christmas presents!)