Hooky Hints


UK double = US single
UK half treble = US half double
UK treble = US double
UK double treble = US treble

But the symbols are the same so charts are the same.


Yet again us Brits differ from our US friends in how we talk about wool (yarn)
Here is a really useful website listing all the different types and their equivalents.


 Either - use a magic circle then work into this ring

Or - chain 3-5 depending on how many stitches you'll be working in the ring,  then slip stitch into the last chain from the hook to make a ring in which you then work

Or - chain the number of chains need for the stitch you're working in PLUS ONE MORE for the centre;  i.e. If you're working in  UK doubles chain 2 , in half trebles chain 3, in trebles chain 4 etc. Then work in to the last chain from the hook which is now the centre of your ring.


*Foundation dc or trc. (this is a US site though so remember that US sc = UK dc and US dc= UK trc)This is a really great way of doing your foundation chain at the same time as your first row and means that you won't have that awfully tricky and fiddly job of working in to a long chain. It also looks very neat and even.

*Chain a few more than needed when doing long one in case of missed count.  Can always take one out at other end (tricky but do-able and better than not having enough...)

*Work through both bits of chain or else you get a big gappy loop

*Use bigger hook or do it more loosely (but remember to switch to correct hook for 1st round)


This is something you can do when you have finished your project to make it look really flat and even. It works best with a pure wool/natural content but can also really help to straighten out acrylic pieces too. There are several ways to do this:

* Pin it out when dry to desired shape and size on a foam/towel/flat surface then spray liberally with cold or lukewarm water. Leave til completely dry, remove pins and wonder at the transformation! This works well for acrylic based yarns.

* Soak the piece in tepid water then sqeeze out excess water GENTLY. Pin it out carefully, taking care not to stretch it too much, leave to dry and hey presto! This works best for pure wool/natural/fine/lace-weight garments as you can really define all the individual stitches/patterns.

* Put the finished piece on your ironing board and lay a damp tea-towel on top then gently press in to desired shape with a warm iron

* Put piece on ironing board and use the steam only on it - DO NOT PUT IRON DIRECTLY ON TO THE CROCHET!

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