I think I am asked to make hats for people more than any other thing. I guess they can so easily be personalised or made to measure and it's easy to inject a bit of fun in to them too.

This one was made for a little girl who is mad about snails...or was it aliens??

Here's one of my PISTEHEAD hats that I make to order...

I get some fun requests...

and some wacky ones too...

This is me in the high mountain mist!

Even Scooby Doo was seen recently on the pistes in Slovenia..

Whilst Rudolph was spied in Austria apparently...

 This is not a yellow minion..it just looks like it

And this is quite clearly not an evil purple minion either

A more normal looking beret with clever (the yarn not me) colour changing wool

Some more minion-esque hats

Owls have been VERY popular this year

Unless there is a pattern-link attached to the description please assume that I have made these up myself...maybe one day I'll get around to writing them up but the thought alone is daunting...

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