Monday, 23 March 2015

"It's all about the CAL 'bout the CAL, lots of Trebles..."

News from Barkham

This CAL thingy has really been taking up a lot of my time recently and it makes me realise just how much work goes into pattern and tutorial writing...I take my beanie off to all those bloggers and pattern writers the world over! I just think of all Lucy's patterns on Attic 24 as an many free tutorials with lengthy instructions and beautiful photos...and all for free. Amazing.

Anyway, hooky news from Barkham. I suppose my most exciting news is that I now have a little space in the very lovely Creative Crafts shop in the Harris Arcade in Reading. If you've ever been you'll know what a hidden gem of an arcade it is. Built in 1930 (here's the history if you're interested) it is pretty much unchanged since then with fabulous architecture and features completely hidden from the bustling modern outside world. It really is like stepping back in time.

The Friar Street entrance to Harris arcade in the swinging 60s.

There are over 20 retailers selling a real eclectic mix of things from traditional sweets, bespoke hand- made hats,vintage-inspired clothes, to records, tobacco, fine wines and shoes to name but a few. Well worth a visit!

The Creative Craft Shop is run by a lovely lady called Adriana who is super talented, running workshops in all sorts of things at the weekends as well as working full time during the week. She asked me if I fancied supplying her with a few of my crocheted items to sell in the shop so at the beginning of March I set up my space. How exciting! It's just a shelf, but it's a whole shelf in a real shop and I'm very proud!

Here's the shop from just outside, in the Arcade itself

and here's another view...

Yahoo! My own stuff for sale in a proper grown up shop!

I had to put a few ponchos in...and I've sold 1 already!

I think I was a wee bit excited as most of my photos appear to be slightly shaky!

Apart from making stock for the shop I've been busy making lots of other stuff as well, some for myself like this poncho made from Stylecraft Harlequin using the Simply Crochet Cowl Neck pattern by Simone Francis...

I just LOVE this neck..high enough to keep you warm but not too tight as to make it itchy...

...and this yarn is just so delicious...all my fave colours in one hit.

I had to put pom poms on too...
...just like I did for my Pom Pom Poncho from last year!

I made another one in purple for a friend's birthday and am pretty sure they'll be plenty more over the next few months...maybe one in cotton for the summer perhaps?

I've made a PISTEHEAD hat too for a customer who specifically asked for a here's what  I came up with...


I finally finished my 200 Blocks Blanket which I had relegated to my WIPS of shame so here it is in all its finished (finally) glory...

I used a mix of Debbie Bliss and Rowan DK and 4ply Cashmerino/Cashsoft which I'd picked up in the sale

and I chose more muted colours than I usually do to give it a vintage vibe

I really do love this blanket but it will be a one-off...

...Far too much work involved to do another one any time soon!

I then had a need to make something small and from one ball so the obvious thing to do was socks! I've always been quite envious of the way that knitters create that gorgeous stripey effect on socks so bought some sock yarn and had a go.

This is Drops and lovely to work with

I love my new socks!

...But I think I'm over crocheting them for now as they are quite time-consuming being worked all in DCs and a small hook.  Give me chunky and a size 6 anytime!

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