Sunday, 28 June 2015

WEEK 22 Linen Stitch

Week 22 Rows 142-151


This week we're repeating the lovely linen stitch rows that we did back in Week 8. (click for the link)
Don't forget to use a bigger hook for rows 143 -150 otherwise it will pull all the rows below in ( I learnt this the hard way in Week 8...).

I really do LOVE this stitch despite the fact that it takes a bit longer to do and that it grows so much more slowly than using trebles,  but it has such a lovely texture that it's worth it I think!

Sunday, 21 June 2015


ROWS 135-141 

It is important that you do the pattern rows all the same colour so that the  butterflies 'fly' so just change colour for the border rows (135 and 141).
I forgot to put the final trebles of ROW 41 here sorry....This has got to be the hardest most horriblest chart I've ever had to write...I hope it makes sense!

Row 135  ( sea green)

Ch3, tr in every stitch along to end

Row 136 (mauve)

Ch3, treble along in every stitch to end

Row 137 (mauve)

Ok, now the fun this point you really need to do a STITCH COUNT and get out a calculator as we're going to have to do a little sum in order to get the butterflies spaced out evenly along the row. The main thing to aim for is to have pretty much the same amount of trebles at the beginning and end of your row so that it is symmetrical.

Here is the Maths which was worked out after lots of grumbling and moaning (by me)  with my Friday morning group (thank you ladies, you know who you are!).

I have put my stitch count (which is low I know, naughty me) in brackets to show you how I worked mine out.

So, take your stitch count (208) and divide it by 19 (which is the repeat)

208 ÷ 19 = 10

Now take that number and multiply it by 19
10x19 = 190

Now subtract that number from your original stitch count to get the remainder

208-190 = 18
So I have remainder 18

Now subtract 5 from your remainder (the chains in the repeat not needed for the end)

18-5  = 13

Now divide your answer by 2

13 ÷2 = 6.5

This is the number of trebles you need at the start and end of the first row before the repeat starts...SO, I need to start and end my first row with 6.5 trebles ...! (I'll do 6 at one end and 7 at the other).

I hope you can work yours's an example using a stitch count of 218

218÷19 = 11
11x19 = 209
218-209 = 9
So you would need 2 trebles at each end on the first row. Although this would mean you'd end up with only 1 treble at each end before the chain spaces start so you might prefer to do the first 14 trebles at the start but you'll just need to make sure they're all spaced out correctly.  Once you get going it will become clear! 

Ok so off we go!

Row 137  I will be working with (my) stitch count so will have a different amount of trebles at the start and end of the row...just stick to your sum.

Ch3, 1 tr in each of the next (5) trebles (or however many you need)..
*ch5, miss 5 stitches, 1 tr in each of next 14 stitches, repeat from * to end finishing with your amount of trebles which should hopefully be the same as at the start.

Row 138 (mauve)

Ch3, 1 treble in each of next  (4) trebles (1 less than in previous row - see photo). Now *Ch 7, miss the whole 5-ch space and the next tr from row below then do 1 tr in each of the next 12 stitches. Repeat from * to end. Use the chart to help you visualise the pattern.

Here's a close up 

Row 139 (mauve)

Ch3 and 1 treble in each of your next (however many) trebles. 
*Ch2, Dtr in between the 3rd and 4th tr of Row 136, (don't do it too tight),  Ch2, 1 tr in each of next 12 trebles below, repeat from * ending with the trebles you have left at the end. 

YO twice, hook in to space between 3rd and 4th treble of first row of mauve..

..YO pull through so 4 loops on hook

Yo through 2, yo through 2 , yo through 2, 1dbtr made, now ch2

then 1 tr in each of the next 12 trebles below

 Row 140 (mauve)

Ch3, 1 treble in each of next trebles that you have, * 3 tr in each of the ch2-space, 1 tr in the top of the dbtr, 3 tr in each of the ch-2 space, 1 treble in each of the next 12 trebles, repeat from * to end.

Row 141 ( sea green)

Ch3, 1 treble in every stitch along

Pretty flutterbies!

I do hope this has been worth all the calculations...I love this one and think it's so effective... it looks fab as a shawl design too -  I have done the Butterfly Prayer Shawl a few times now.

Happy Hooking everyone....only 5 more weeks of rows to go now ...I'M A HOOKER ON THE EDGE!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

WEEK 20 Waves of Diagonal Shells

WEEK 20  Rows 129-134

*****The SHELL combo we will be using is as follows: {1dc, ch3, 4 tr } all in same place.*****

Row 129  (pale blue)

Ch3,1 treble in every stitch across

Row 130  ( bright blue) ...on the crest of a wave...

Ch1, 1 dc in same place, ch3, 4 tr in same place, * miss 3 stitches,  1 SHELL in next stitch (see above), repeat from * to last 4 stitches working 1 dc in last stitch.

Row 131 ( powder blue)

Ch3,  *miss 1 tr, tr2tog over next 2 sts, ch3, miss 1 tr, 1dc between next tr and ch3, repeat from * to end.

 Tr2tog  : YO and into next tr,  

yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, 2 loops left

yo into  next stitch , yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through all 3

tr2tog completed

now chain 3

then do a dc in the top of the ch3 or just in the gap if you prefer

Here I've done the dc in the gap (so much easier!)

Then repeat the tr2tog

This reminds me of the white foam on the top of cresting waves...

Row 132  ( Teal)

Ch1, 1 SHELL in 1st st, * miss 3 ch and next stitch, 1 SHELL in next dc, repeat from  * to end

Row 133  ( sea green)

Repeat row 131

This just shows you where to put your hook for the dc (in the top of the ch3 from the previous row)

Showing the completed dc in the top of the ch3 this time rather than the gap but either way is fine

Row 134  ( pale blue )

Ch3, * 2 trs in each ch3 space, 1 tr in top of tr2tog and 1 tr in the top of the dc, repeat from * to end so that you have a 4 tr repeat..this is important as  when I did mine first time I ended up with way over my stitch count so had to re-do it!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

WEEK 19 'Grannies in the Snow!'

Week 19 Rows 122-128

For some reason I wrote Rows 121-128 on the chart below but this week does start at Row 122 .

Row 122 ( grey)
Ch3 , 1 tr in every stitch across

Row 123 (white)

Ch3, 1 treble in every stitch across

Row 124 ( pink)

Ch3, 1 treble in same place, * miss 2 stitches, 3 trs in the next, repeat from * ending in 2 trs in turning chain

Row 125 (white)

Repeat row 123

Row 126 ( mauve)

Repeat row 124

Row 127  (white)

Repeat row  123

Row 128  (grey)

Repeat row 122/123

Here it is to show all the rows

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Well,  I had a good old block of my CAL today and I have to say I'm really rather pleased with it so far. This has been and still is a bit of an experiment to be honest,  as I am only ever 1 or 2 weeks ahead of you guys so I never really know what is going to happen until I do it! I am still a bit apprehensive about THE EDGE, it has to be said, as I am pinning all my hopes on it sorting out the wibbly wobbly bits..

Looking at mine today I think that I will only do about 8 more weeks,  depending on how much bigger it gets as I  think that will be a really nice sized blanket either to cover a single bed or to drape over a bigger bed width-ways. That takes us to the end of July...then the border itself for 1 or 2 weeks so a total of about 10 weeks left...I can't believe it!

Sneak preview alert...

Blackberries, Snowy Grannies and Crashing Waves coming soon!

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favourite weeks and the whole thing as it stands including the next few weeks so you'll get a sneak preview too!

the fans

those pesky Catherine Wheels

The beautiful tulips

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and the roses too

I hope you're still enjoying it...I know that I for one have learnt loads myself from doing this so I hope you've all found it a good experience too!

Here's to the next and final weeks...Happy Hooking everyone!