Sunday, 15 March 2015

CAL WEEK 7 Rows 36-41 Fans

I have forgotten to draw the second treble and chain at the beginning of row 38 so it should be 4 chains and a treble (=v-stitch) Sorry. Also ROW 41 either do 3 or 4 half trebles at start and finish in chain space depending on your stitch count.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME AMOUNT OF FANS OR STITCHES AS ME DON'T PANIC! All our blankets will be slightly different but that's fine. Just put as many repeats in as you can while keeping the ends straight...

Row 36 (Turquoise)

Ch2 , 1 htr in same and every stitch along to end

Row 37  (Dusky pink)

1ch, 1 dc in same stitch  *miss 3 stitches, 9tr in next stitch, miss 3 stitches, 1 dc in next
Repeat from * to the end. Don't worry if you don't have the exact number at the end just try to keep it straight! (famous last words...)

Row 38 ( purple)

Ch4 , 1 tr in same stitch (= v stitch)  * ch5, miss the 9tr group, V Stitch of {1tr 1ch 1tr} into the next dc, repeat from * to end , finishing with a V stitch in last stitch ..

sorry about the bad lighting...

Row 39  ( Dusky Pink)

Ch3 , 4 tr in same stitch (=5 tr), *1dc in 5th tr of the 9tr group from previous row, taking care to enclose the ch5 that lies directly above the group, 9tr in the ch1 space of the V-stitch, repeat from *, ending with 5tr in the turning chain

Row 40 (purple)

Ch1 , 1 dc in same place, ch3, miss 5 tr then do a V-stitch (1tr 1ch 1tr) in the dc between the treble groups (fans), *ch5, v-stitch in next dc space, repeat from * ending with 3ch + 1dc in turning chain. 

Row 41 (turquoise)

Ch2, htr in same place, 3htr or 4htr (see chart and caption) in first ch3 space, * 3htr in  V-stitch SPACE, 2 htr in first part of ch5 SPACE, 1dc in the 5th tr of the 9tr group (as in row 39), 2htr in last part of the  ch5 space, repeat from * ending with 3htr or 4htr in the last chain space plus 1htr in turning chain. 

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