Thursday, 24 April 2014


I really still can't believe it but...daughter number 2 just came running into the kitchen yelling, "Mummy!! Look what I've found behind the sofa...!!!!". Naturally I expected her to produce a half-eaten-mainly-mouldy-very-smelly-deceased-rodent of some description which my gorgeous cat had deposited there some time ago. But NO! 

It was :

a) Woolly (always a good start)
b) Neither alive nor fetid (very good on both counts)
c) Purple (also good)
d) A bit dusty (bad housewife)

Can you guess what it is yet? 

Well, if you have already read my 'Calamity Cardigan' post in my Ta Dah column you know all about me making a rather time-consuming-labour-of-love-and-also-bloomin-expensive-cardi last year. And then losing the thing in Reading.

No No No!

Or so I thought. 

Yes Yes Yes! Miracle of miracles,  it has just turned up behind our sofa! I am still gobsmacked as I really did think that was it. One dilemma now though. 

I made another one to replace the 'lost' one. .. now I have two....

..why  oh why didn't I do it in another colour? ??

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Turtle Tales

Ok, so last year I made a Happypotomus using Heidi Bears' fab pattern
 and have been badgered by my girls to make one for them ever since.

Last September I  raffled him off at our Macmillan Cancer Coffee morning...

 he raised over £60 but  it was goodbye Happy...

WELL, whilst I did enjoy hooking up Happy it was a LOT of work and I have to admit I wasn't exactly relishing the thought of repeating the job for a second let alone a third imagine my glee when a friend pointed me towards this cute Hex-Turtle Pattern, especially since number 1 daughter has a 'thing' for all things 'tortle'...

'Jack Union'
So the Easter Holidays began in beautiful sunshine and I found myself looking after the kids whilst sitting in the garden with my hook...doesn't get much better! This little critter was surprisingly quick to hook up and he was finished within a few days.  I've now started on the Owl so let's hope the sun stays out...