Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pom-Pom Poncho

Gosh I really have had a full week of hooky madness...mandalas, a cardigan, my 365 blanket, a Pistehead hat and to top it all on Sunday I got a sudden craving to make a poncho. Well I was full of cold so just wanted to veg on the sofa with my hook. Any excuse...

I didn't want to start a long project with lots of squares as I did one of these last year...

This was made with Popcorn Squares and a ribbed back using James C Brett Marble Chunky. I absolutely LOVE it but it is very heavy. Great for sitting round a camp fire /fire pit on a cool British Summer evening but not for skipping around Sainsburys. 

So I needed something lighter and quicker. Ravelry came up trumps with a simple pattern from Drops
I used James C Brett marble chunky again, with  a size 6 hook and it was super speedy to hook up. Simple though it is, I felt it needed a border of some description and remembered this cool crochet pom-pom edging 

so decided to give it a go... Ta Dah...Pom Pom Poncho!

Coffee-time Cardi

I had a lovely couple of hours on Friday morning drinking coffee and chatting with a friend and hooker who needed a teeny weeny bit of help with a project she's working on. But I couldn't sit there doing nothing so had taken one ball of this rather lovely wool with me...just in case. 

I had bought it on a whim from the lovely ladies in Stitchery Do...the very beautiful local wool shop in Wokingham. It was on offer at only £3 a ball so was crying out to be made in to something beautfiul.

I decided to make another version of the Jamie cardigan (that I have made twice now of out of very delicate lace-weight),  but as this wool is chunky it would have to be adapted as I went.

Two cups of tea, one latte and a toasted tea cake later and I was well on the way.

By Saturday evening it was finished...I did cheat a bit and omit all the pineapple pattern as it got rather lost in the  colour changes. I blocked it and added buttons and hey presto ta dah! 'Monsoon' Sleeveless cardi. Very pleased with it actually. And it only came to £12 so a bargain!

Mandala Madness

I'm afraid I've succumbed like most hookers around me at the moment...I've just been unable to resist the colourful pull of the crocheted Mandala anymore. Despite not really knowing what they're for exactly,  except to use as a mat or pot holder, I still think they are really very very beautiful. 

Some of my faves are here on this fab blog 
Amazing Mandalas for home decor and more - Free #crochet pattern roundup on Moogly!

The combinations are endless, as are the types of yarn you can use, so it's a great way to use up some of those scraps we all have laying around. 

The lovely Lucy from Attic 24 is asking hookers and groovers from around the planet to send in a Mandala each. She has designed one herself and she hopes to display them all in a massive mandala yarn bomb/art installation at Yarndale this year. 

So I had to have a go. Here's my first one...

It still needs to be stiffened with PVA glue but I'll do that when I have a few...I have asked some of my lovely Barkham Hookers to have a go too so we can send in a group offering. Lucy is very clear on one can only send in one each! 

There was also a link to a beautiful Star Flower Mandala by Zelna Olivier on Lucy's page .....all these beautiful designs and colours just make me want to make hundreds of them and hang them randomly around my house, my garden, trees in the park....


I hooked up this one below last week with cotton...such a lovely pattern and oh-so-addictive...

There will be this space...

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Birthday Bike and Bunting

My gorgeous hubbie promised me a Dawes bike for my birthday back in March but I had set my heart on this particular grey/powder blue version of the Duchess model which apparently hadn't even been made yet for general sale,  so I had to order it and wait..... finally arrived yesterday so I was dropped off at the bike shop 4 miles away and peddled my way home in the glorious sunshine, sporting my Hi-Vis crocheted jacket, of course. Safety first. 

Can't imagine why my 14 year old pro-cyclist son who was accompanying  babysitting me threatened to leave me stranded if I put it on...
I think it went rather well actually; I changed gears and everything. 

Anyway, once home I had only one thing on my hooky mind...BIKE BUNTING!
So I opened a bottle of red, grabbed my hook, logged on to Lucy's blog to use her triangle bunting pattern and hey ho within the hour...ta dah! 

I thought that little HexOwl deserved a spin in the sun although she slept through the whole thing it has to be said. How rude.

Watch this space for more bike bombing...