Saturday, 28 February 2015

CAL WEEK 5 Treble All Together Now

ROWS 22-28      

I love the almost 'woven' look of this combo...would make a lovely cuff on a jumper I think

I know that there are 16 stitches on Row 22 on the chart and 17 by Row 28 but that's fine as long as yours is even! 

Before you start this week have a think about your colour choice as it really affects how the trebles stand out. I've stuck to 3 but the choice is yours!

ROW 22 (lilac)

CH3 1 tr in next and every stitch along

ROW 23 ( aubergine)

1ch 1dc in same place, *(1ch miss 1stitch 1dc in next stitch) repeat from * to end doing a dc in the final stitch.

ROW 24 ( pale blue) 

Ch2 plus 1 chain, *(miss 1 stitch then do 1 tr4tog in next stitch) repeat to end doing a htr in last stitch.  Here's how you do the tr4tog....

yo and into stitch , yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops so 2 loops left on hook
bit blurry this one sorry!

yo into same stitch, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, 3 loops left on hook

repeat above twice more so you're left with 5 loops on your hook

then finally yo and pull through ALL 5 LOOPS

1 tr4tog worked.

Now chain 1 to seal the top of the cluster , miss a stitch and work the next tr4tog in to the next stitch and continue to the end, finishing with  a htr in to the last stitch.

ROW 25

Repeat row 23

ROWS 26 and 27

Repeat rows 24 and 25

ROW 28 

Repeat row 22

I can't wait to see all your different colour combos...I love this one! X

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