Sunday, 8 February 2015

CAL Week 2

Rows 5-10   Half trebles, Back Loop stitch plus V-Stitch

 ROW 5 (pink)

Chain 2, 1 HTR in first treble (half treble uk...yo in to stitch, yo pull through, yo pull through all 3 loops )and in every stitch to end. Make sure you go under both loops of the stitch and not in the gap between the post of the stitch.

ROW 6 (pink)

Ch2, 1HTR in Back Loop Only (BLO) of next treble. So you do a uk half treble but you put your hook only under the back loop not both as in row 5 . See where my hook is going below? So you yarn over, hook under BLO then pull through, you'll have 3 loops on your hook so then pull through ALL 3 loops.

Repeat this HTR BLO in every stitch across.

ROW 7 

Repeat row 6

ROW 8  V-STITCHES (white)

Ch3,   miss the first stitch, then do {1TR 1Ch 1TR} (US 1dc1ch1dc) all in the second stitch, 
 (=V stitch). * miss 2 stitches , 1tr 1 ch 1 tr all in next stitch. Repeat from the *  til the end but just do 1TR in the last stitch. 

White V-stitches (row 8) plus start of pink HTRs (row 9)

ROW 9  (Pink)

Ch2  ,  now do * 2 HTR in the middle of the V-Stitch chain space from row 8 then do 1HTR in the next stitch between the 2 v-stitches. Repeat from * to end but only do 1HTR in the first ch3 at start.

ROW 10 (Pink)

Ch3, 1 TR in every stitch to end . 

 I have just added these to try to help you  with the ends of rows I hope...

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