Wednesday, 25 February 2015

CAL WEEK 4 Tulips

ROWS 16-21

This combination works well if you choose the same colour for framing the flowers (I've done this in white) and then a stalk colour ( I've used green) different to the flower itself (red).

ROW 16  (grey)

Ch2,  1HTR (US dc) in every stitch to the end 

ROW 17 (white)

Repeat ROW 16

Row 18 (green) V-Stitch

Chain 4 = 1TR + 1 chain then do 1 TR in same place = 1 V-Stitch made

*Miss 2 stitches, do (1TR 1CH 1TR = v stitch) in next stitch and repeat from * to end

Row 19 ( red) Cluster Tulips

Ch3 plus 1 more treble in same place, ch2 , then work  a TR cluster stitch in the 2nd V-stitch chain space followed by 2 chains (see chart).  The cluster stitch we're using is as follows...YO hook into space, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 so 2 loops left on hook

Then yo and back into same space, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 so 3 loops left on hook

Then repeat above so that there are 4 loops on the hook

Then finally yo and pull through ALL 4 LOOPS at the same time = 1 TRCLuster made. Now chain 2.

Repeat in every V-stitch space to end doing 2 trebles in last stitch. I've got 71 Tulip Clusters made plus 2 trebles on either end with 2 chains between each cluster (although if it works out better for you then only do 1 on each end and it doesn't matter if you've got 70 or 72 clusters as long as it's even).

Row 20  (White)

Ch2, *2HTR in space before cluster then 1HTR in stitch on top of cluster itself. Repeat from * to end finishing (hopefully) with 2HTRs in top of last stitch. 

ROW 21  ( grey)

Repeat row 20

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