Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pom-Pom Poncho

Gosh I really have had a full week of hooky madness...mandalas, a cardigan, my 365 blanket, a Pistehead hat and to top it all on Sunday I got a sudden craving to make a poncho. Well I was full of cold so just wanted to veg on the sofa with my hook. Any excuse...

I didn't want to start a long project with lots of squares as I did one of these last year...

This was made with Popcorn Squares and a ribbed back using James C Brett Marble Chunky. I absolutely LOVE it but it is very heavy. Great for sitting round a camp fire /fire pit on a cool British Summer evening but not for skipping around Sainsburys. 

So I needed something lighter and quicker. Ravelry came up trumps with a simple pattern from Drops
I used James C Brett marble chunky again, with  a size 6 hook and it was super speedy to hook up. Simple though it is, I felt it needed a border of some description and remembered this cool crochet pom-pom edging 

so decided to give it a go... Ta Dah...Pom Pom Poncho!

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