Sunday, 26 July 2015

Week 26 Swan Song...

Rows 172-179 THE LAST ROWS!

I can't quite believe it but here we are,  6 months since we started, now about to start the last rows! So here we go...

Row 172 ( teal)

Ch3, 1 tr in every stitch across

Row 173  ( green)

ch1 (I have drawn 2 chains on chart by mistake), 1dc in same place, * miss 1 stitch, 1ch, 1dc in next stitch , repeat from * to end

Row 174  ( blue)

Ch3, 1 tr in every dc and in every chain space across

Row 175  (mauve)

Repeat row 173

Row 176 ( pale blue)

Repeat row 174

Row 177 (navy blue)

Repeat row 173

Row 178  ( pink )

Repeat row 174

the front

the back

Row 179 ( sea green)

Ch3, 1 tr in every stitch across......that's it folks! 


At this stage my blanket is quite big enough to cover a single bed,  to drape nicely sideways over the end of a kingsize and certainly big enough to snuggle under on the sofa. If you'd like yours longer just repeat a few of your favourite rows until it's big enough.

Now we're ready for THE EDGE so if you want to block any offending wobbly bits on your blanket now's  a good time. Lay it out on the floor on a couple of towels then pin it out til it's perfectly shaped and spray the bits that need straightening up liberally with water. Leave it to dry naturally.
See you next week for THE EDGE!


  1. I started this Thursday and am only on week 6, but love it so much! Can't wait to see it finished, but don't want it to end! :)

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying it's just THE EDGE to go now here!