Sunday, 5 July 2015

WEEK 23 Crown Puff Lattice

WEEK 23  Rows 152-157

Use the chart to guide your stitch placement depending on your stitch count...just stick to the pattern.

Row 152 ( turquoise)

Ch3, 1 treble in every stitch to end

Row 153 (navy)

Ch2, 1htr in same place, *1dc in next stitch, dc3tog over next 3 stitches, 1dc in next, (1htr, 1tr, 1 htr) in next, repeat from * to end.

 Row 154 ( pale blue)

Ch3, miss 1st 3 sts, *( 1dbtr ch3 1dbtr) in next dc cl (double crochet cluster below), miss 2 sts, ** htr5tog in next tr, repeat from * ending last repeat at **, 1 tr in tch.

This is the start of the yo and into stitch, 

Yo, pull through so 3 loops on hook

Yo into stitch, yo pull through so 5 loops on hook

repeat again so 7 loops on hook

repeat again so 9 loops on hook

repeat again so 11 loops on hook then yo and pull through all 11 loops

1 htr5tog worked

Now into the top of the dc3tog from the previous row do 1 dbtr (yo twice), then 3 chains

Do another dbtr in the same place

then continue in pattern

Row 155  ( navy)

Ch1, 1dc in next dbtr, *(1dc,1htr,1tr,1htr,1dc) in next ch-3 arch, ** dc3tog over next 3 stitches, repeat from * ending last repeat at **, dc2tog over last tr and tch.

Working in the ch-3 arch do 1 dc

then 1 htr, 1tr, 1htr

and finish with a dc

Over the next 2 stitches work hook into first stitch, yo pull through, 2 loops left

hook in to next stitch, yo pull through, 3 loops left

hook in to next stitch, yo pull through, 4 loops left

yo pull through all 4 loops 

dc3tog worked

Repeat following the chart

Row 156  (Pale blue)

On this row we will be doing the same as in Row 154 but making sure that the puffs are aligned over the (dc, htr, tr, htr, dc) clusters from the row below which in turn should be aligned over the (dbtr, ch3, dbtr) groups below that.

Ch5 (=dbtr +1ch), 1dbtr in same place,  *miss next 2 sts, htr5tog in top of the treble from the row below, miss 2 sts,  **(1dbtr, ch3, 1 dbtr) in top of dc3-tog from row below, repeat from * ending last repeat at ** or wherever you end up.

I forgot to take a photo of the row so here it is with the last row on top

Row 157  ( turquoise)

Ch3, then you need to do trebles across in every stitch ensuring that you put 1 in each puff stitch, 1 after each puff and 4 in each ch3 space. Follow the chart for the end and beginning of the row and do a stitch count at the end to make sure you have the right amount.


  1. Do you have a copy of this patten without all the pictures? A printer friendly version?

    1. No sorry...but I will see if that's something I can do. I designed this as a way of introducing new stitches and techniques so used lots of photos to help those who need a bit more help but I can see that it would be useful to just print out the instructions. I am sure that you can copy and paste the charts which might be a start?

    2. I tried to do that, it wasn't working for me. I like written instructions, and then if I need extra help I refer back to the pictures. :) I bought the yarn to start this, and am going to begin in the next couple days!