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CAL Week 11 Catherine Wheel

Now, don't get too scared by this one. You've already done fans/clusters and you've also done done tr tog so the actual stitches used here are not new. The combos are a little bit fiddly though so take it slowly and follow the chart as we will undoubtedly be starting at different parts of the pattern when we get to  Row 66.

Row 64 (green)

Ch2, 1htr in every stitch along

Row 65 (lavender)
Ch1, 1dc in same place, 1 dc in next stitch,  * miss 3 stitches, 7 tr in next stitch, miss 3 stitches, 1dc in each of next 3 stitches, repeat from * to end , only doing 4 trebles in last stitch if ending on the 7 tr cluster.

close up of the 7tr fan

Row 66
 (bluey grey)

Ok this is where the fun starts! If you are at the same place as on the chart for this row then you're laughing so go for it! JUST DON'T DO THE CHAINS TOO TIGHT.
If you're not (and I wasn't) then you'll have to work out where you are and start with the relevant part. 

So, here's where I ended Row 65...with dcs instead of the 4tr fan as on the chart

So I needed to start with a ch3 then do a tr cluster over the next 5 stitches then carry on with the pattern from  (*3 ch, 1dc into the next 3 stitches,  3ch, trcluster over next 7 stitches, repeat from *)

 Here are the instructions for how to do the TRCLUSTER over 7 stitches. Don't so it too tight.

Stage 1: Yo into the 1st stitch, yo pull through, yo pull though 2 loops so 2 left on hook

Repeat Stage 1 by going in 2nd stitch until 3 loops left on hook

Repeat Stage 1 by going into 3rd stitch until 4 loops left

Repeat Stage 1 by going into 4th stitch until 5 loops left

Repeat Stage 1 by going into 5th stitch until 6 loops left

Repeat Stage 1 by going into 6th stitch until 7 loops left ( technical issues posting photo sorry)

Repeat Stage 1 into 7th stitch until 8 loops left


1 trcl over the 7 stitches made!

Then I could carry on with the pattern so next would be ch3 

then 1 dc in to next 3 stitches, 3 chains then back to the large cluster again repeating the pattern until I got to the end where I ended up doing a trcl over 5 stitches (because I didn't have the space to do the full 7) with a tr in last stitch to end.

Please don't panic over this or get too stressed, just use the chart, work out where you are and be prepared to play with it/frog it a bit to get it right .

Row 67  ( bluey/grey)

In this row we will be doing fans into the top of the trcl from the row below so again you'll have to work out where you are to get them in the right place. So you do 3dcs in to th 3dcs in the row below and then a fan of 7 tr in to the tops of the 7trcl from the row below.

So I started with ch3 then 6tr in to the top of the cluster below

then 1dc in the next 3dcs

and then repeated pattern as on the chart

here's a close up of the dcs after the fan

Row 68  (lavender)

This is basically the same as Row 66 but again work out where you are to start in the right place

I chained 3 then a trcl over the next 3 stitches which then let me continue with the 3dcs along the top of the fan

Row 69  (green)

Ch2, 1 htr in every stitch long to end ( make sure you do 1 htr in the top of each cluster, 3htrs in both of  the gaps either side of the clusters as well as 1 dc in each of the 3 dcs). I did a stitch count here to check that I had roughly 216 and miraculously I DID! 

Pretty huh? It's a bit fiddly but worth the effort....I hope you agree!
Happy Hooking x

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