Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Kitty Chaos

Ok so this post isn't crochet-related but I HAD to share our 5 new fluffy bundles of joy. This is the expectant Mum about 12 hours before she popped...fat and fidgety! (crochet blanket alert...) 

 My beautiful little Dusty gave birth to 5 kittens the next day on 24th May. 

She actually came to get me at 8am and wouldn't leave me alone so I made a cuppa, got my hook and wool beside me in case I was there all day and enouraged her in to the nest I had made....

Ten minutes later she started giving birth and by 11am we had 5 beautiful and absolutely perfect kittens all happily nursing from one very tired but proud mummy. 

This ginger boy is Beau

 This naughty Tortie is called Mo and we are keeping her

We named the others  Leo (ginger), Flo (ginger and white), and Lola (ginger and white) .

So as you can imagine I have been rather distracted over the last couple of months. As I write today we still have 4 left as the 3 we are letting go cannot leave til the new owners return from holiday...bitter sweet really to have them all this time as we are just falling in love with them more and more each day so it will be all the more harder to say goodbye in a few weeks time...


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