Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Darcey Dress

I have been wanting to make the dress on the front of this book for what seems like an age but had never got around to ordering it. 

Until I decided to go to Brighton that was...so this was to be the special pattern for the special yarn that I knew I would be treating myself to...

In the end I decided to go for some Alpaca Silk Mix and actually didn't spend a fortune as I opted for Drops at only £3.30 a ball...what a bargain.

I started it in Brighton and had it finished by the following week...

...it has to be worn over a long slip/dress but I had already bought one with this in mind and luckily it seems to work.

Ta Dah!

Now I plan to make another one in some of the Skein Queen 4-ply I bought at Brighton...can't wait!

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