Thursday, 14 December 2017

'ArtesanOde' Stashbusting 365 Blanket

A few years ago I challenged my group to crochet 1 square a day for a year...resulting in the 365 project. I still absolutely LOVE my blanket; in fact it is probably one of my most favourite things I've ever crocheted; more so as it it hardly cost me anything since it was made from bits and bobs of yarn I had lying around. For some reason the photos on the blog don't seem to be working but they're still here on Ravelry...

I also created a Board on Pinterest with the various stages of my blanket....I love seeing it grow again before my eyes!

My 'workroom' is positively over-flowing with unused yarn, so having decided on a big clear out before Christmas I realised that some hooky therapy would be the answer...use up some stash whilst clearing out at the same time. Win win!

This 365 Blanket is dedicated to ARTESANO yarns who I used to work with. It was terribly sad when they ceased trading over a year ago but I did acquire a considerable amount of their gorgeous yarn which has been sitting in my stash ever since.

I decided to use up all the odds and ends of DK as well as doubling up the 4-Ply. This blanket will be made as I go along; 1 - a - day (or 7 a week if I can't manage that) so I cannot be exact with amounts of yarn needed. At a rough estimate, it will proabably take about *** EDITED...AFTER DOING MY SUMS  I THINK IT WILL TAKE A GOOD 26 BALLS balls of 100g DK PLUS the border***and it will fit a King Sized Bed when finsished (see photo above). Of course you can stop whenever you want. It will not be possible to do 365 squares exactly to make a rectangle but we can do the border for the last days to keep up the 365. If you buy the edge colour locally you can usually return any un-used balls to the shop so make sure you buy enough of the edge colour to ensure the same colour lot!

I will be edging each square  with Stylecraft DK Silver and I do recommend that you use just ONE colour for this as it really makes the squares stand out. I will be joining each square to the last using the JOIN AS YOU GO METHOD ; this means that once the last square is joined the blanket will be finished apart from the border.

Here's a sneak peak of the first few squares I've made and joined...the full instructions and photo tutorials will start on 1st January...exact time unknown yet as it will depend how good the party is the night before...

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