Sunday, 10 September 2017



ROWS 8-13

Row 8

Ch3, 1 tr in same place (counts as 2 trs), *miss 3 fptrs, work 3 tr in top of next fptr, repeat from * to end, working 2 tr in last stitch.  (53 sets of 3trs and 2 sets of 2 trs). 

Row 9
Ch3, miss next tr, * work 3 trs in gap before the next group of 3 trs, rep from * to end, working 1 tr in top of ch3. 

Row 10

Repeat Row 8

Row 11

Repeat Row 9

Row 12   MC (weather front)

Ch3, *1tr in each of the next 3 trs, 1 tr in the gap before the next set of 3trs, rep from * to end,  doing 1 tr in top of ch3.

Row 13 with MC (weather front)

Ch3, 1fptr around next and every tr to last stitch, working 1 tr in top of ch3.

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