Saturday, 22 July 2017


This CAL is designed to reflect the changing sky but can be easily adapted to reflect your mood, the season or a mixture of all. I have designed mine by looking at the colour of the sky each week but there is room for an awful lot of poetic licence.....basically you choose the colours you want each week whether they reflect the real weather or not!

You will need 13 x100g balls of STYLECRAFT SPECIAL DK. This will include 5 balls of your main colour (the weather front) and then 1 ball each of 8 more colours. There will be a small amount left at the end (or you could use just 7 more colours to avoid wastage).

I used the following:


1 x Aster

1 x Cream

1 x Midnight (I used a slightly different shade but this will work perfectly)

1 x Duck Egg

1 x Turquoise

1 x Denim

 1 x petrol

1 x grey

You will need a 4mm and a 4.4mm hook as well as the usual darning needle etc.

It will take 30 weeks for the blanket plus 1 week for the border. You will be completing 1 new 'weather front' each week and you can change the colours to suit your own view or mood. Grey sheets of rain could become yellow rays of sun; white puffs of cloud could become moody storm clouds or even snow. The blocks of stitches can represent the weather near you; plain rows of trebles can be lightening strikes (white) or sun rays (yellow) or even just sheets of rain (grey). You decide and you choose.

The finished blanket will fit a Single bed lengthways or stretch across a King Size bed widthways as a runner....or just use it to snuggle under on the sofa!

Stitchery Do in Wokingham will be making up kits with my colours and suggested other colours so feel free to contact them  or visit their gorgeous shop if you can. It is in the lovely market town of Wokingham in Berkshire with plenty of parking opposite the shop in the 2 main car parks.

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