Sunday, 20 March 2016




Slip stitch to join into a ring

1) Ch1, 8dc in ring, slsttj

2) Begin Popcorn:  Ch3, 4 tr in same place,

Remove hook from loop and replace into the top of the ch3 then back in loop of last treble made

YO pull through = 1 begin popcorn made

Chain 3

* Make 1 5tr popcorn in next stitch (do 5 trebles, remove hook, replace in top of 1st tr, then through top of last treble, yo pull through) ch3

Remove hook, put hook back in 1st treble then back through last treble

YO pull through, 1 popcorn made

2 popcorns made

Repeat from * to end completing 8 popcorn petals

3) Slip stitch into the next 3-ch space

Begin popcorn (see above), ch3,

1 popcorn in same space, ch3

*1 popcorn, ch3, 1 popcorn, ch3 in next ch-sp . Rep from * all the way around , slsttj (16 popcorn petals worked)

4)  Slip stitch into the next ch-3 sp

Ch3, 2 tr in same space,

*3 tr in each of the next 2 ch-sps

3 dbtr 2ch 3dbtr in next ch-sp (=corner)

3 tr in each of the next 3 ch-sps,

Rep from * 3 times to the end , slsttj in top of 1st tr

5)  (Ch4, miss 3 sts, 1dc in  next st ) 3 times,

*2htr 1ch 2htr in corner space, (ch4, miss 3 sts, 1 dc in next st) 4 times, rep from * all the way round, slsttj

6) Slip stitch in to the next ch-sp, ch2 (=1 htr), 1 htr in same place,

1 htr in next dc

Now do 2htr in every ch-sp, 1 htr in every dc and (2htr2ch2htr) in every corner space all around


7) ch2, * miss 1st, 1dc in next st, 1 ch rep from * all around, doing (2dc1ch2dc) in each corner space, slsttj

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