Monday, 3 August 2015


Not long after  I started designing this CAL back in February I really did wonder whether I'd been completely mad!

Many of us had teething troubles with stitch-counting calamities and tension-torments but we all soon relaxed and began to enjoy the CAL when we realised that we would all have different amounts of stitches which was really ok!

If I'm completely honest my stitch count has varied quite a lot but it all looks pretty straight now as the EDGE has worked its magic and tidied up everything quite nicely.

I have learnt an awful lot whilst designing this blanket; whether it was new stitch combos like the Catherine wheels,

or whether it was writing the charts each week...

I had to learn to read everything over and over again before pressing PUBLISH and holding my breath for a few hours every Sunday morning while waiting for the questions to come flooding in!

I had  my favourite combos which I had to repeat like the Tulips...mark 1

and then...mark 2...

as well as the Linen Stitch...mark 1

and Linen Stitch mark 2...

I loved the bands of single colour like the Butterflies...

...and the Filet... it meant there weren't loads of ends to sew in those weeks...and I loved the simplicity of the Rib..

...and the V-Stitch

I have discovered almost endless combinations for so many stitches and it has only encouraged my addiction to this wonderful craft more than ever...I am currently working on a Poncho in V-stitch and gloves in Linen stitch...all will be revealed in good time.

My blanket has been finished for several weeks now

and has been well loved already...every time I put it on the bed upstairs it finds its way back down to the sofa...or outside in the sun!

 And now for some gratuitous CAL shots...

I love folded blankets...

The edge...

I have to admit I am ridiculously proud of this blanket; it is the first time I have shared a pattern and the thrill of seeing all of the growing blankets each week at my classes has given me enormous pleasure. I would love to post a photo collage with as many finished ones as possible so please send me your photos!

This was a stash-busting exercise for me and I have managed to use up a lot of old yarn. I do, still, though, have FAR too much left so am now planning a new CAL using Chunky wool ...WATCH THIS SPACE! x

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