Saturday, 28 February 2015

CAL WEEK 5 Treble All Together Now

ROWS 22-28      

I love the almost 'woven' look of this combo...would make a lovely cuff on a jumper I think

I know that there are 16 stitches on Row 22 on the chart and 17 by Row 28 but that's fine as long as yours is even! 

Before you start this week have a think about your colour choice as it really affects how the trebles stand out. I've stuck to 3 but the choice is yours!

ROW 22 (lilac)

CH3 1 tr in next and every stitch along

ROW 23 ( aubergine)

1ch 1dc in same place, *(1ch miss 1stitch 1dc in next stitch) repeat from * to end doing a dc in the final stitch.

ROW 24 ( pale blue) 

Ch2 plus 1 chain, *(miss 1 stitch then do 1 tr4tog in next stitch) repeat to end doing a htr in last stitch.  Here's how you do the tr4tog....

yo and into stitch , yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops so 2 loops left on hook
bit blurry this one sorry!

yo into same stitch, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 loops, 3 loops left on hook

repeat above twice more so you're left with 5 loops on your hook

then finally yo and pull through ALL 5 LOOPS

1 tr4tog worked.

Now chain 1 to seal the top of the cluster , miss a stitch and work the next tr4tog in to the next stitch and continue to the end, finishing with  a htr in to the last stitch.

ROW 25

Repeat row 23

ROWS 26 and 27

Repeat rows 24 and 25

ROW 28 

Repeat row 22

I can't wait to see all your different colour combos...I love this one! X

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

CAL WEEK 4 Tulips

ROWS 16-21

This combination works well if you choose the same colour for framing the flowers (I've done this in white) and then a stalk colour ( I've used green) different to the flower itself (red).

ROW 16  (grey)

Ch2,  1HTR (US dc) in every stitch to the end 

ROW 17 (white)

Repeat ROW 16

Row 18 (green) V-Stitch

Chain 4 = 1TR + 1 chain then do 1 TR in same place = 1 V-Stitch made

*Miss 2 stitches, do (1TR 1CH 1TR = v stitch) in next stitch and repeat from * to end

Row 19 ( red) Cluster Tulips

Ch3 plus 1 more treble in same place, ch2 , then work  a TR cluster stitch in the 2nd V-stitch chain space followed by 2 chains (see chart).  The cluster stitch we're using is as follows...YO hook into space, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 so 2 loops left on hook

Then yo and back into same space, yo pull through, yo pull through 2 so 3 loops left on hook

Then repeat above so that there are 4 loops on the hook

Then finally yo and pull through ALL 4 LOOPS at the same time = 1 TRCLuster made. Now chain 2.

Repeat in every V-stitch space to end doing 2 trebles in last stitch. I've got 71 Tulip Clusters made plus 2 trebles on either end with 2 chains between each cluster (although if it works out better for you then only do 1 on each end and it doesn't matter if you've got 70 or 72 clusters as long as it's even).

Row 20  (White)

Ch2, *2HTR in space before cluster then 1HTR in stitch on top of cluster itself. Repeat from * to end finishing (hopefully) with 2HTRs in top of last stitch. 

ROW 21  ( grey)

Repeat row 20

Sunday, 15 February 2015

CAL WEEK 3 Hearts and Crosses for Valentine's

ROWS  11- 15  Front Post and Back Post Stitches

ROW 11  (turquoise)

Ch3 1 TR in every stitch across

ROW 12  (turquoise)

Ch3 1TR in every stitch across


Have a look at my YOUTUBE tutorial to start you off, then follow my photos below. 

Ch3 , *1FPTR (front post treble (us double)) in next 2 stitches,
YO and hook round FRONT of post

Yarn Over

Pull back through (3 loops on hook) then yo pull through 2

Yo pull through 2

1 FPTR made
Now repeat this to make another FPTR in next stitch.

 Now do 1BPTR (back post treble) in the next 2 stitches. 

 So YO and insert your hook FROM THE BACK (a) to the front (b) around the post of the next stitch

This is what it looks like when you've got your hook in the right place at the back

 Yo and pull through under the post, then finish off the Treble in normal way
 So YO pull through 2
 Yo pull though last 2
 1BPTR made. Do another BPTR in next stitch

Repeat from * to end, (so 1FPTR in next 2 then 1 BPTR in next 2)  but only do 1 treble (us dc) in top of last stitch.  

ROW 14  (turquoise)

CH3, 1 TR in every stitch to end 

ROW 15 (turquoise)

CH3, 1 TR in every stitch to end

Sunday, 8 February 2015

CAL Week 2

Rows 5-10   Half trebles, Back Loop stitch plus V-Stitch

 ROW 5 (pink)

Chain 2, 1 HTR in first treble (half treble uk...yo in to stitch, yo pull through, yo pull through all 3 loops )and in every stitch to end. Make sure you go under both loops of the stitch and not in the gap between the post of the stitch.

ROW 6 (pink)

Ch2, 1HTR in Back Loop Only (BLO) of next treble. So you do a uk half treble but you put your hook only under the back loop not both as in row 5 . See where my hook is going below? So you yarn over, hook under BLO then pull through, you'll have 3 loops on your hook so then pull through ALL 3 loops.

Repeat this HTR BLO in every stitch across.

ROW 7 

Repeat row 6

ROW 8  V-STITCHES (white)

Ch3,   miss the first stitch, then do {1TR 1Ch 1TR} (US 1dc1ch1dc) all in the second stitch, 
 (=V stitch). * miss 2 stitches , 1tr 1 ch 1 tr all in next stitch. Repeat from the *  til the end but just do 1TR in the last stitch. 

White V-stitches (row 8) plus start of pink HTRs (row 9)

ROW 9  (Pink)

Ch2  ,  now do * 2 HTR in the middle of the V-Stitch chain space from row 8 then do 1HTR in the next stitch between the 2 v-stitches. Repeat from * to end but only do 1HTR in the first ch3 at start.

ROW 10 (Pink)

Ch3, 1 TR in every stitch to end . 

 I have just added these to try to help you  with the ends of rows I hope...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Barkham Hookers CAL 2015 Pattern Week 1


Hurrah! It's finally time to start the long-awaited CAL blanket and I'm going to challenge you all from the start with the first row using  FOUNDATION TREBLE (US double) . This will save you the horrid task of having to work into hundreds of chains as we will be doing the chains and the first row of trebles (doubles) AT THE SAME TIME! Don't forget to refer to the Basic Information I gave you in the CAL introduction for all the stitch terms/explanations etc.

Foundation Row (I strongly advise you to use a pale yarn for this [not black] as it's really hard to see the stitches). Also if you're a tight hooker (ho ho) then go up half a hook size or a whole hook size just for this bit .

So, start by CHAINING 2. Now YO (yarn over) and put hook in to 2nd chain from hook (i.e.the 1st chain),
YO and pull back through loop (3 loops on hook),

YO pull through 1 loop only (and watch this new chain that you've just formed as this is where you'll put your hook for the next stitch), YO pull through 2, YO pull through 2. So far so good.

Now you need to locate the new chain formed when you pulled through the 1st loop only in first stage above, YO and go under both bits of that new chain...

YO and pull through (now you have 3 loops on hook). Now YO and pull through 1 loop only and keep an eye on this new chain you've just made (see where I'm pointing with the pen); you have 3 loops left..

                                               then YO pull though 2, YO pull through 2

Now for the next one...YO and put your hook under the 2 loops of that 1-loop pull through chain you made so it looks like you have 4 loops on the hook...

YO and pull through ( 3 loops left on hook), YO pull through 1 loop only and watch this one, then YO pull through 2, YO pull through 2.

Now continue until you have * edited * 217 of these beauties all lined up and ready for you to easily work your next row! Notice that the top row of chains that you put your hook under at the start of each stitch will actually become the bottom of your starting chain

So now you TURN as normal and start your first row working into what looked like the bottom of the foundation row.

Here's the link to my little YOUTUBE video showing you how to do it. It's not professional by any means but hopefully it's clear enough to help!


Good luck everyone and feel free to comment below or on the Barkham Hookers FB page if you have any questions...So, here we go...

It's going to start with some easy rows to get everyone in the flow and I will gradually add some more complicated stitches as we go. I will label each set of rows with names of stitches and the colours that I am using to help you identify where we are. I am sure that lots of you will hook up these first rows very quickly and will be keen for more rows but I'm going to stick to about 5 rows every week so that everyone can keep up without too much stress. I will certainly have other projects on the go at the same time and I might even start the MOOGLY CAL  too.

 ROWS 1-4     Granny Stripes

Having completed the Foundation Chain/Row we will now start the proper rows...(if you have done a starting chain plus a row of trebles this will all count as the Foundation row so that we all start together on Row 1).

ROW 1 (turquoise)

Chain 3, do 1TR (US DC) in same place, * (miss 2 stitches, 3TR in next stitch), repeat from * to last stitch, 2TR in last stitch. .

ROW 2 (turquoise)

Chain 3,  do 3TRs in first space between the 2 groups of 3 trebles , repeat to end, 1 TR in last stitch

ROW 3 ( grey)

Chain 3, 1 TR in same place, 3 TRs in next space, repeat to end, 2 TRs in last stitch

ROW 4 (grey)

Chain 3, 3 TRs in next space, repeat to end, 1 TR in last stitch